If someone you knew was

would you know how to help?

With our Crisis Care Coach Training program, we are training up a generation to help. After completing our free online program, you'll be prepared with tools to volunteer on the line, providing help and hope to our messengers!

Save the # Save a Life


Effective August 1, 2022 we will be on a six month pause to improve our crisis platform.
For the time being all crisis intervention training will be paused temporarily as well.
If you are interested in joining our coach waitlist please click the button below to email us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crisis Care Coach? 
As a Crisis Care Coach you will help serve as a bridge of hope by connecting with people who are in crisis through our messaging platform. All of our Crisis Care Coaches are volunteers who practice: 
- Active listening
- Prayer
- De-escalation techniques
- Safety planning
- Cultural competency
- Empathy

Things to keep in mind: 
- We don't replace medical services.
- We aren't serving as counselors or giving personal advice.
- Our faith inspires the work we do.
- You don't have to have previous experience.

More about our application process: 
- Apply online
- Schedule your interview
- Provide 2 character references
- Undergo a background check

More about our training: 
- Training is two weeks long, self-paced, with several set meeting times
- You'll journey along with a cohort and instantly become a part of the community here
- You'll have access to our multi-media learning portal at times convenient for you, complete weekly training modules, and engage in cohort discussions over the two weeks
- You'll have two weekly 1:1s with your assigned training lead where you'll be able to ask questions, gain valuable skills practice, and process the process

What is a Crisis Care Coach?

As a Crisis Care Coach you will help serve as a bridge of hope by connecting with people who are in crisis through our messaging platform. All of our Crisis Coaches are volunteers who practice:

Our Values:

  1. Fight for the one.
  2. Staying curious & collaborative is contagious.
  3. Self-care & social compassion will change the world.
  4. Grace is free, freedom is not.
  5. Creatively reaching, teaching and innovating is a cure to overcome the status quo.
  6. Leading by the way we live, will give the generations behind us a real chance to experience the best of humanity.
  7. Content is key, so create the kind that positively impacts culture.
  8. Courage to be aggressively passionate is the answer to every imposters’ syndrome.
  9. You won’t need to be culturally fit if you embed integrity, inclusion, and the will to serve others into your company’s DNA.
  10. Hope is not for the faint at heart, neither is fighting on the frontlines to save lives at Help Online.

Things to keep in mind:

More about our application process:

Still have ?’s
here’s more about our 2 week virtual training!

After I become a certified Crisis Care Coach:

Research Team
Mental Health Advisor
Design Advisor

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